GG NEWS 2006

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Postal Rates outside the U.S.

Here some good news for all Int'l customers of my book. I just found out that the book can be sent by Global Priority Mail with the following rates:

Mexico, Canada: $8
All other countries: $10

If anyone from Asia or South America wants to exchange the book for tropical fruit/nut/herb/vegetable seeds instead of cash, please contact me.


Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am happy to inform you all that my new book "ORO VERDE -
Securing the Future of our Food" has just been published!

Please find a summary description below.

ORO VERDE has beautiful illustrations by the locally renowned artist, Jose F. Zamora, and rare photographs of tropical fruits. 310 pages, large format (8.5”x11”), 2.5 lbs.

The edition is limited and you can order it by sending a postal money order to Sadhu, P.O.B. 8132, Mayaguez 00681, Puerto Rico.

Price: $35

Shipping: U.S. $8 (priority mail = 3 days; same flat rate for up to 4 books!), $4 (book rate = 2-3 weeks)

Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia: $10 (Global Priority Mail)

Mexico, Canada: $8 (Global Priority Mail)

Book description:

Written for Puerto Rico
but applicable to tropical regions in general,
this unique publication describes
over one hundred new tropical food crops
(fruits, culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetables)
with high commercial potential.

ORO VERDE is an eye-opener that exposes
the myths, dogmas and dangers surrounding
our agriculture, the food industry, health care
and other important factors
that determine
the quality of our lives.

ORO VERDE is a thought-provoking publication
that convincingly explains why locally grown
and processed food is better for your health,
our small-scale farmers, the environment
and the local economy.

It is a practical guide to how everyone -
city dwellers and farmers alike - can get involved
in growing foods and producing personal health care,
cosmetic and natural healing products.

In short, ORO VERDE is a powerful manifesto
that challenges reprehensible educational, political and
social policies, and offers practical solutions.

It is a book of hope and transformation
for people from all walks of life,
and you are invited
to take part in the refreshingly
revolutionary alternative it presents.