GG NEWS 2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My favorite tropical fruit book

I have been receiving numerous inquiries from local fruit collectors and people interested in tropical fruits regarding recommendable literature. I am also frequently asked which "the best" or "my favorite " tropical fruit book is.

Personally, I love to read any and almost all of them, but there is one that I consider to be the most comprehensive. It's in Spanish (easy to read, even for non Spanish speaking people like myself), has almost 800 pages and is called "El Arbol". It covers hundreds of the most important tropical fruit and nut species (Asian, South & Central American), has excellent drawings and very useful and detailed information about each species.

Since this book is difficult to find, I was very lucky to acquire some of the last copies existing. They are available now for only $45. If you are interested, please can contact me at